“When Things Get Tough, Make Good Art”

Neil Gaiman’s Commencement Speech

The link above will take you to a wonderful YouTube video that I highly recommend (sorry I couldn’t just attach it to the blog, we’re free users)!  For those of you not familiar with Mr. Gaiman, he is a successful author whose works include the comic book series “Sandman”, the novels “Good Omens” (with Terry Pratchett), “American Gods” (which is now set to be a T.V. series), “Stardust”, “Coraline” (which has been made into a movie), and my favorite, “Anansi Boys”.  He’s also been the winner of the Newbury Medal and The Bram Stoker Awards, just to name a couple.

Though this speech is not about saving money, it has some really important life lessons that can help us reach financial freedom and more importantly, happiness.

I do hope you all listen to this speech and please, really listen to it.  Then ask yourself, are all the decisions you’ve been making leading you toward your mountain?



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