In the Beginning…

Welcome to the latest and greatest Lerma Experience. You see, Lerma had a blog called The Lerma Experience years ago. Then he went and found himself an (unofficial) Future Lady Lerma, so while his youthful days of gallivanting around Europe with a tuba on his back were quite the adventure, we’ve got plenty of stories to keep you entertained in present day, especially with Puppy Lerma added to our family (oh, man, she’s so stinkin’ cute!!).

The thing about a blog is that it’s like making a public promise to be honest, transparent, and to honor what you say you’ll do and who you’ll be. It keeps you in check, and the power of peer pressure can be just enough to keep you on track. We have made a promise to each other before we can move forward with any kind of formal vows of marriage, and we want to make it public so it’s all the more real. Here it goes: we want to be financially independent within 17 years (AKA being able to do whatever the hell we want without being restricted to a 9-5 job and living paycheck to paycheck).

We’ve organized our plan of attack into phases with the first being get out of debt (or GTFOD, if you will). We have set a deadline of two years from this month, so we want to be 100% debt-free by September 30, 2018.

While Lerma wants to share about the struggles of budgeting and making a plan, I’m excited to document our creative ideas to make every dollar count. Regardless, we’d like to share our story in hopes that it may spark ideas in others to help them work towards truly living life instead of being a slave to the collection vision of a living. And of course, this public venture is also to keep us honest about the progress we’re making.

So, there you have it: The (Almost) Lermas’ financial adventure in a nutshell. As time goes on, we will share more about our financial situation, what we’re doing to improve our financial situation, and why this is so important to us, especially before tying the knot.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Future Lady Lerma




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